Robotic Musical Instrument Design and Construction Workshop at Harvest Works NYC


Experimental Lutheir, a set on Flickr.

Prepared Guitar and String Instrument Workshop at The Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, 02/08/14. We made bridges, bows, contact mics, rattles, and mutes while experimenting with magnetic pickups.

I am very exited to teach this workshop! Come check it out if your in Houston.

Mechanical zither plucking jack prototype 3. I think this may be one. It uses less force and it can be actuated with cables to isolate the pickups from the solenoids in order to reduce electrical noise.

Mechanical zither plucking jack prototype number 2. This one moves in a fully linear motion so it uses less space and needs less force from the solenoid.

This is the prototype for a plucking mechanism in a new mechanical zither. It functions like a harpsichord jack swinging and plucking in one direction and then resetting itself with a spring. There will be one of these on each string and a dampening mechanism if the budget allows. I’m shooting for at least 20 strings total.

Octant gear in a limo for the Gopro shoot- SXSW 2013

Not just for looks…it makes mixes sound so much better!

Just completed this siamese lap-steel-keyboard. Come out Sunday, October 20th to the Spiderhouse Ballroom and watch me play it!

I was trying to get my guitar to sound more like a trombone. This did the trick.

SXSW 2013

Sorry it took so long to upload the final product. I have been learning to play this thing for the past few months. I’ll try to make an illustrated diagram of all its superpowers someday when I have a second. 

Top electronics complete. The bottom pick guard will hold the fancy electromagnetic output circuits - a built in electronic bowing system on the outermost strings.